Now You See Me: The Dangers of Over Thinking

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One of the most popular Shakespearean quotes is ” To be or not to be…” and is spoken by Hamlet himself. This quote begins a long monologue by Hamlet in which he contemplates the idea of killing his uncle King Claudius. His message talks about how people are generally scared of change. We, as a species, would “rather bear these ills we have then fly to others that we know not of.” We are cowards when we think to much because we start to wonder what would happen and draw up the worse case scenarios for each situation. This can be overwhelming and discourages many from trying something new or straying away from routine.

 A similar idea is discussed and present throughout the movie, “Now You See Me.” In this movie, 4 solo magicians are brought together to perform magic tricks that involve robbing banks, stealing from the rich etc. One of the magicians, J Atlas, says:

“The more you look, the less you see”


“The closer you think you are, the less you will actually see”

In the movie, Atlas is referring to those who are trying to figure out how the tricks work or how the “four horsemen” pull of such extravagant stunts. However, this relates to the idea of over thinking. Those who try to play out every possible scenario of a situation think that they are accounting for everything that could happen but in reality they may simply be thinking of outrageous possibilities. Those who fear change because of their thoughts end up seeing much less as they deprive themselves of the new experience. Thaddeus Bradley, the man who revealed the tricks, thought himself to be a step ahead when he had been 2 steps behind the entire time. That’s exactly how the over-thinkers feel. They think they are planning ahead and therefore are ahead of those who don’t but in reality they are just hindering themselves by thinking too much.


The dangers of over thinking are universal. Whether it be about standing up to your boss or asking someone out on a date, people are always hesitant because they are scared of the outcome. It is best not to think too much while still making rational decisions.



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