Hamlet: Revenge is Messy

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As the play comes to a close, there is a continued anticipation of a scene that will not end well. Hamlet has been planning to avenge his father’s most cruel and unnatural death for sometime now and has finally decided to do so at the Fencing Match against Laertes where King Claudius would be present. Well at this event, Hamlet, Laertes, Hamlet’s Mother and King Claudius all end up dying as a result of the snafu. Let’s just say stabbings and poison were involved. Anyway, this ultimately left a gap where the rulers of Denmark once were. Denmark now had no ruler while Norway was encroaching on their territory. This was a devastating turn of events and Denmark will probably suffer much more by the time Fortinbras is done with them.


This reminded me of the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones. See, Rob Stark was to be married to Walder Fray’s Daughter to join the two families. However, Stark fell in love with a medic and broke this promise. Fray, being bitter, agreed with the Lannisters to slaughter Stark, his wife and the men at the wedding where his daughter would be married to another of the Stark’s army. This was definitely tragic to the Starks as it almost left them extinct as a family. Also, the rebellion led by Rob was tarnished and the Game of Thrones fan base was left in shock.

Revenge in both of these cases destroyed a family. It was blown out of proportion and the casualties were high. Both of these extreme examples shows the true power of revenge. Be careful when you seek revenge as it may ruin the lives of others. Only evil people can cause these cruel massacres.


Here is a video of the red wedding scene. Viewer’s Discretion is advised.



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