New Girl: “Try the Peanut Butter Pie”

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The other day, My English teacher shared some wise words with us that he had learned in college. He told us to always,

“Try the Peanut Butter Pie.”

What this means is when it comes to making a decision, always try something new rather than sticking with what you know. For example, if it comes down to your favorite restaurant and one that you’ve never tried before, go to the restaurant you’ve never tried before. The logic behind this is that you already know that your favorite restaurant is good and you can always go there. However, you never know how you will feel about a new restaurant until you’ve tried it. In a more generalized sense, take risks and be bold.


In the hit TV show¬†New Girl,¬†Jess, the main character, takes the ultimate risk by moving in with three strangers whose add was placed on craigslist. Due to trust issues and paranoia, no one would even think about taking such a risk nowadays. However Jess becomes great friends with these three men and begins having countless moments of joy, fun, etc. She trusts them with her issues and can turn to them for advice. It isn’t every day that you can meet great friends like these and if Jess had failed to try the peanut butter pie, well her life would have been completely different and she would have missed out on the opportunity to have truly great relationships.

Peanut Butter Pie is a symbol for things that aren’t usually tried or done. If you ask a random person if they’ve eaten peanut butter pie, odds are they’ll say no. However if you try it, you might fall in love with it. Until then, you’ll never know. That is why you should take risks and put yourself out their. Jess did it and her life and the lives of Winston, Nick and Schmidt, were changed in a great way. There is nothing to lose and so much to gain from trying new things.



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