Suits: Lonely Louis

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Suits - Season 2

Many people are fond of Frankenstein’s monster as it is continuously alluded to in modern media. Whether it be T.V. Shows or movies, Frankenstein can be found in various forms of entertainment, especially during Halloween time. But when asking about Frankenstein, many will describe him as just a green monster with nails in his neck and scars throughout his face. People think of a monster or evil. However, not many actually have read the classic novel and know about his story. Until I read it recently, I had never even knew that he had a story to begin with.

However, Frankenstein listens to his monster speak to him about all that has happened since he was abandoned. The monster was lonely because no one would come near him because he was so ugly and scary looking. When he rescued a girl in a lake, he was shot because others thought he was harming the girl. When he wanted to make friends, he was constantly put down. Even the nicest family ran away from him the instant they saw him. He roamed the land in solitude and suffered physically and emotionally. Although he seemed very nice and sweet, he was never able to show others because they wouldn’t give him a chance.


In the Show “Suits” Louis Litt is arguably the monster of the firm. He is hated by most and has the reputation for being the weakest link. However, Litt is an important asset to the firm as he is mathematically gifted and well organized. Litt continually seeks the approval of Harvey Specter, the main character, and would like to be Specter’s friend. However, Specter bags on Litt time after time which causes Litt to feel inferior and act irrationally. Also, Litt was looked over for a job promotion which was given to Specter. Litt believes that he has done so much for the firm, Pearson Hardman, but doesn’t get recognized in return. Litt seeks approval by the people of the firm but like the monster, he is looked over or treated badly because of his personality and appearance.

Another example is his chance to have Mike Ross as an associate. Mike Ross, originally Harvey Specter’s associate, was abandoned by Specter due to a fight they had had and he was feeling bad about it. Litt quickly tried to comfort Ross and offer him a job as his associate. Ross finally accepted and Litt even had a cake made to celebrate the joyous occasion but when he returned with the cake, Ross and Specter had made up. Litt did a kind deed and hoped for acceptance from Ross but was hurt in return as the monster was shot after rescuing a girl in the forest.

Litt and Specter

Litt and the monster both experienced similar situations and have similar stories. They are both handicapped by their appearance/ outer personality but they truly yearn for acceptance from others. In society, many people aren’t given a chance to boast their inner beauty. It is crucial that we try to get to know others as their company may be beneficial to us.


One thought on “Suits: Lonely Louis

    ifitfitsyourmind said:
    January 20, 2014 at 5:59 am

    Wow, I never looked at this show in this way. Maybe Mike could be Victor Frankenstein, because he is conflicted about his feelings about Louis.

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