Fast and Furious: Constantly looking over your shoulder

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In 1984, the citizens of the totalitarian society constantly have to look over their shoulders.


There are telescreens planted all over where your actions can be monitored. There are hidden mics which can listen to certain conversations. Everything you do is scrutinized. In this case many of the people can’t be themselves because they know that they are being watched. They have to be on their best behavior at all times.

I find this to be similar to the characters in Fast and Furious. Dominic and Brian are wanted and constantly have to live on the run. They also have to look over their shoulder and can’t truly settle down and start a family because they have to move whenever they are close to being exposed.


This type of living is very tough. You have to constantly break relationships with people and can’t get too attached. Also, you have to lay low and keep away from the spotlight. It truly puts everything into perspective and shows how fortunate us Americans are to have such freedom and liberty.


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