Suits: Passion

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As we say goodbye to high school and welcome the rest of our lives, it seems that there are so many possibilities available. Hundreds of great colleges offer a wide range of education from the humanities to the sciences. There is something for everyone. However, finding what you’re passionate about isn’t easy. I’ve been indecisive lately and not really sure of what I want to be. I’d like to find my passion just as the lawyers at Pearson Specter have found theirs.


Mike Ross, Harvey Specter, Louis Litt, Rachel Zane and Jessica Pearson all love the law. Although their jobs demand many late nights of research and tough court cases, they still thrive because of their passion for what they do. Many students nowadays aspire for a great career just to make a good amount of money. Well, this is a miserable lifestyle. I believe that If money is your sole motive, than you will never live up to your full potential.


Intrinsic value is important. It can be defined as the value an object has for its own sake or in itself. Louis Litt has said multiple times that he loves the law and that he does what he does to preserve it. He is probably the best example of passion for his career. I’d love to find something I was as passionate about as Louis is for law.

I too had the belief that I should find a career that would lead to a financially steady lifestyle. However, after watching suits, I crave the excitement and passion that these lawyers have for their jobs. My outlook has changed and I now search for a career that I am passionate about.



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