Accepted: Rejection Hurts

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Recently I was rejected from two out of my four college choices and wait-listed to another, and it sucked. Having never been denied anything in my life, I was completely destroyed upon hearing this news, unable to comprehend what I had just heard. It dawned on me that out of all the colleges I had applied to, I was only left one, which was coincidentally enough, my back up choice. It sucks having to rely on your back up. It means that you sold yourself at such a high price and now you have to deal with the realization that you’re not even worth as much as you thought.

In my state of depression and denial, I found myself sprawled across my couch unconsciously watching TV. As I was flipping through the channels I happened to catch the last few minutes of the movie Accepted on Comedy Central, a movie which I watched a couple of years ago but never thought much of it. However, in certain situations, movies have the ability to make a huge impact on your life. The movie itself is a intellectual slacker named Bartleby Gaines who gets turned down by every college he applied to, much to the dismay of his conservative parents. In order to prevent disappointing his family, he creates the South Harmon Institute of Technology and tells them he got accepted. His parents are skeptic and wish to see the college, so he gets a few friends together and creates a website, finds an abandoned insane asylum to put the place, and hires a drunk to become the dean. Much to their surprise, hundreds of kids show up to the college, saying that South Harmon was the only college they were accepted to. With no other choice, Bartleby keeps the college open, creating fake classes and activities so that students are able to learn the way they want. In the video, the Ivy league college South Harmon has just found out about the fake institution and has brought it up at a college administration trial so that they can claim the land. In response to their words, Bartleby defends his college and says its better than theirs.


Having seen this part in the condition I was in truly changed me. I realized that it didn’t matter where I went to college. All that mattered was that I was doing what I wanted to do with my life and that I was learning in the way that I saw fit. It didn’t matter what college I chose, as long as I was comfortable with my decision, because in reality, the only person you need to impress is yourself. Screw “prestige” and expensive dorms, the best college out there is the college that actually thinks I’m worth something. My friend Connor recently wrote a Limerick about college rejection and I believe he speaks the truth.

An Ode to Admission

Colleges do not seem to see
the possibilities in me
So they aren’t worth my spit
Nor a piece of my ****
A better me they shall soon see

On that note, I conclude my post. A glance at the past while heading towards my future. The future that I chose, not the future some snobby college admissions “expert” chose for me.


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