I love you, man: The importance of friendship

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In “I Love You, Man” Peter Klaven is engaged and planning his wedding when he realizes he has no good male friends. He needs a best man so he searches for a man who he can befriend and therefore use as a best man.

In the early stages of his search, he can’t seem to find anyone that he connects with. Every hangout goes wrong somehow, whether it be him throwing up after a couple beers or getting a smooch. However, as he plans to give up on his search, he finds Sydney Fife, who is blunt, candid, frank, and pretty different from the person Peter is. However, they begin to hangout and they both become great friends.

While watching this, I pondered the importance of having strong relationships with others. Sure there are friends who are great to have fun with but the ones that help you when you’re down are the ones that are truly your friends. Sydney and Peter had fun together but when it came down to it, Sydney ultimately helped Peter through his house selling dilemma by buying ads that would help Peter’s image. Peter changed throughout the entire film as he went from being uptight and too nice to letting go and being himself. Those are the friendships that are great.

All in all, it is truly beneficial to have great friends like these. Make sure you know who your real friends are. Those are the ones that you can trust in the long run.


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