Accepted: Rejection Hurts

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Recently I was rejected from two out of my four college choices and wait-listed to another, and it sucked. Having never been denied anything in my life, I was completely destroyed upon hearing this news, unable to comprehend what I had just heard. It dawned on me that out of all the colleges I had applied to, I was only left one, which was coincidentally enough, my back up choice. It sucks having to rely on your back up. It means that you sold yourself at such a high price and now you have to deal with the realization that you’re not even worth as much as you thought.

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Percussive Maintenance

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“Hitting the machine,” mankind’s age old solution for getting a hunk of junk working again. Although it rarely works in real life, its a guarantee to get things moving in the movies. It apparently also makes for a pretty solid song percussion as well. Also, it is pretty damn soothing. Have a look and listen to this movie montage by Duncan Robson and the folks down at As with all machines, If the play button doesn’t work, try hitting your computer. If the issue still persists, try a couple Liam Neeson threats.

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